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Relation between the hairs’ growth phases and laser seance

  • Anagen (active phase)
  • Catagen (resting phase)
  • Telogen (falling phase)

Undesirable hairs’ ending with the latest technology , Alexandrite Laser .

Laser rays turn into the heat when come across the melanin pigment and stops the formation of the hairs again by demolishing the hairs’ nutrition canal that is in anagen phase .
Hairs in Catagen and Telojen phase are scanned by the laser but as there is no nutrition canals of hairs , there is no demolising of the canals during that seance . They are also demolished in Anagen phase (following seances)

What is needed to know about the Laser Epilation ?

What is laser ?
Laser light : Energy
If you wear dark clothes on a hot day , you will realise how abrasive the sun ray is . That is because of the absorption of the sun ray by the dark pigments (colors) . Similarly dark pigments of the hairs absorbes the laser light and turn it into the heat , demolishing the hair radix and the canals that nourish it .

How does the hair growth process happen ?
A hair has three phases ;
Growing phase (Anagen) , relaxing phase (Catagen) , and falling phase (Telogen) . At any time , about 85 perent of our body hairs are in their Anagen phase . Hairs in Anagen Phase are effected by  the laser . By reaching dermal papilla parts of the hairs which is in Anagen phase . laser light demolishes the hair and its nourishing canals and prevents it from growing again .

How many seances are needed ?
Generally , about 4 – 6 weeks , 5 – 7 seances will be enough . Once hairs are effected by the laser , they never grow again . Because of the follicular attacks , hormonial changes and age factors , hairs may grow again but this time they grow thinner , fair  and in less density .

Why is more than one seance needed ?
Seances between 5 and 7 are needed because hairs in Anagen phase are effected by the laser  . So seances increase in numbers in order to catch the hairs that are not in Anagen phase in their Anagen phase .

What should I do in order to get the best result ?
For the best result , your skin should be quite fair and your hairs should be quite dark . In that way laser rays go through your skin that has little number of pigment and is absorbed by the dark hair . It needs more time for the dark skins and fair hairs . For sunbathing , you should wait until your skin turns into its original color after the epilation .

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